Final (Research Question) Countdown

The Final Blog Post. Boy oh boy, though it will go out with a bang that’s for sure. Why is that? Because of my indecisiveness, I have gone through several research questions and now found one where I can find research in references to writing, rhetoric, purpose, and much much more. For those who keep losing track of what my research question here it is: How has the language of sportswriting changed because of Twitter?

I first went through my old blog posts about my question of social media and it’s impact on sports and went through each source to see if I could deem any of them appropriate and specific enough to my current research question…luckily I found four of my sources that focused on Twitter that I reviewed thoroughly and can still use them in my research. The first source is “How do sports reporters adapt to the internet?” using the search terms “Social media and it’s impact on sports.” My second source I used the same search terms and the source is “Twitter’s impact on Sports Journalism.” My third source came from the same search terms and the source is “How is the rise of Twitter affecting football journalism?” My fourth source came proquest after using the search terms “sports writing” “Social Media” and found a dissertation written by a former SU student Brian Moritz on “Rooting For The Story: Institutional Sports Journalism in the Digital Age.” I would link the URL, but proquest is very picky and selective about that. I will go into further details of these sources on my annotated bibliography.

Four down, many more to go. I went to Google after scrounging through my old sources and googled Twitter’s impact on sports writing and found a wordpress account actually related to my research question by Laurie Bell who has posted links to sources that she found useful and some of them were ones that I used as well, so I deemed that useful enough to pluck a source from that page. There was a research journal article by two authors, Mary Sheffer and Brad Schultz titled “Paradigm shift or passing fad? Twitter and Sports Journalism” that I thought was an interesting read. I also searched “How has Twitter changed sports writing?” and found a great source on Google, a dissertation even (WHO KNEW THOSE WERE ON GOOGLE!) titled “Twitter and Sports Journalism: a study of how Twitter has changed sports journalism” My last source from Google is a piece on sports writing and Twitter in the use of baseball. It is a specific genre, but gives me evidence to back up how it is indeed affecting sports writing all over the variety of sports being played. “How Twitter Has Changed Baseball Coverage, for Better or Worse, 140 Characters at a Time”

This is all interesting because my research question has become more specific and more importantly, I have evidence in the form of sources to support my claims that the language of sportswriting has changed because of Twitter. I used the search term “Twitter” “sportswriting” and “change” on proquest to see if there is any relationship between these three words and I found an interesting source titled “Twitter: good or bad for sports?” It even had a quote that helped me out a lot in what I was looking for. “Twitter has undeniably changed the nature of sports writing because results and criticism are instantly available.” A source that I found, for my lucky number and final source 10 is the one I find very relatable to me. I used to write for a local high school and would use Twitter a lot. Hence, why I’m asking the question of how Twitter has changed the language of sports writing and I finally found a source that has helped back me up on it. Of course, it’ll be more present in my annotated bibliography, but the source is titled “Twitter adds another element to High School Football coverage” and talks about how sports writing has been changed because of Twitter. A FANTASTIC FIND.

This is a pretty long blog post, but I summed up almost everything after two weeks of not finding anything I deemed of value, minus the four sources I kept, but found six new sources that have strengthened the evidence for my claims that Twitter is changing the language of sports writing.


Google me this, Google me that.

I still don’t really know what I want to do as a research question, but I know I want to do something sports-writing related. So perhaps my current research question is: “How do sportswriters get their information?”

Why a question that seems so simple to find the answer to, but at the same time, not many people outside of the sportswriting world know how to do it. This question popped into my mind after an article on titled “How Notre Dame’s 1946 Class Forever Altered the Recruiting Landscape.” The article was very informative on the process of recruiting even in the mid-1940s. This made me question how do sportswriters think of certain topics to write about and how they go about planning it.

I first googled (I don’t understand why googled is not recognized as a real word yet, but that is a rant for another time) “sports writing research” and my first search came up with a cool source from, a sports website, and the article was “Sportswriting isn’t just fan scribbling: It takes time and research”

Source 1

It is an interesting read from a writer on Bleacher Report. It’s a small article, but it’s a good jumping off point.

That was the only source I deemed usable from my lame attempt at a search. I next typed in “Sportswriting Tips” and found two sources I deemed to be useful.

The first was from a .org site. That is reassuring on its own knowing it’s not just a typical .com domain. It was “10 Tips for Improving Scholastic Sportswriting” that helped give tips on being a better writer. I don’t really consider it a great source because it’s more of just tips to be a better sportswriter, not how they get their information
Source 2
The next source was from Bleacher Report on sportswriting tips, highlighting the importance of a good editor and of course good writing. I thought this was the best one I looked at so far.

Source 3

That’s all I have for now, but I am sure I will be back later on in the unit with more respected, more scholarly, and overall better articles.

UPDATE 2/11: I had a breakthrough with research as we had free-time in class to go over more of our blogs and to sort things out. The time allotted in class helped me think of a new search for Google and that search was “Writing a sports column.” I then found a source from a site called titled “How one sports columnist approaches the sports column.” I thought this was a great source as it helps me figure out how a writer approaches writing an article. This also related to me in some ways as I used to write sports article for a newspaper back home, so this was a big step for my research going in the right direction!

UPDATE 2/12: I have found another research source of researching sportswriting. This is a source from Grantland and instead of researching, this is more of attacking other sportswriter for reporting the same sources. It is an interesting take on the behind-the-scenes world of sportswriting. Source 5