Dating back to last’s blog post, I have changed my research question two times…and hey maybe the third time is the charm. My new and improved updated Q is *drumroll* “How has the use of social media impacted the way sports journalism is portrayed?” I thought of this being a superb question to research because sports writing has changed so much in just the last five years since the introduction of Twitter and I feel research for sports writing is now easier than it used to be with so much information at hand. Here are a few sources I will now be using as my starting off points that I got from Google, then later on I will discuss proquest.
Source 1
Source 2

Source 3

Source 4

Source 5

PROQUEST: I remember using proquest way back in high school and considered it to be a chore when I could find articles on Google faster. However, proquest has a lot more credibility and scholarly articles. The type of articles that will help a research paper thrive. I searched for “sports” writing and social media. I put sports in quotations because I knew I would get several results of writing and social media, but with sports being my main argument, I deemed it integral to the success of my search if I included that. I found one source titled “Navigating the Digital Playing Field Case Studies in Social Media and Sports Communication” written by James Sanderson on a dissertation of the interaction of social media involved in the communication world of sports. While it is quite the dissertation (156 pages), I don’t know how much of it I would use, but I know there would be more than enough claims that I could help support my question.

PROQUEST is better than JSTOR: While I found some valid sources on Google, JSTOR I could not find anything for my related question, despite doing the same search terms on Proquest that helped me find a great source, so I went back to Proquest and found another source that I deemed valid enough to help me. It came from a Grad student at Syracuse University actually, so just out of pure- homerness I had to use it. “Rooting For the Story: Institutional Sports Journalism in The Digital Age” by Brian P. Moritz  talks about the use of sports journalism and how it has innovated since the so-called Digital Age. Once again, it is quite the long dissertation, totaling over 200+ pages, but has a lot of good information. I would consider this to be one of the best sources I’ve seen so far and I feel with my new and improved research question, Unit 2 is going in the right direction for me.


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