Familiar Words, Familiar Places

Sportswriting is a diverse genre of writing. Some sportswriting such as basketball or baseball may appeal to some people while other people may only be interested in golf or tennis. There is such a diversity of writing in sports because almost everything can be covered or written about in a unique way. There are several sports websites that not only cover sports, but also go in-depth into fantasy sports and now fantasy sports is even considered a genre of writing. There are writers who write about the scientific side of sports. People with PHD’s who now write and cover sports science-related. The world of sports appeals to so many people because it is part of our American culture.

As mentioned in the Mirabeli article, waiters must use more than just communicating to be effective.”This process involves knowledge of food preparation, use of specific linguistics (magic words), and much more” (Mirabeli, 553). Like sportswriters and waiters, both need more than just verbal communication to operate effectively. Sportswriters have certain ways of communicating and each sportswriters know certain words that are used in the genre communication. Deadlines and beat articles are ones that ring a bell to a sports reporters. Word count as well is a crucial part of a sportswriter success to fit in a description of a game in a quick, but effective manner.

I have thought about interviewing certain candidates to help me figure out how do sports writers research. One of those candidates as cocky as it sounds is me. I wrote for a newspaper from junior year to high school to end of freshman year of college, covering several sporting events and an array of sports in my hometown. I have known the ins and out’s of a newspaper business for quite some time. I also wrote for a sports website for a short period of time and have experience in online journalism. Yet, I would feel too pretentious interviewing myself. I have thought of interviewing a classmate of mine who is currently writing for a sports website and has written several articles in relations to the NFL and NBA seasons. He has a background in sports with his major being Sports Management and I feel he would be a good fit for my research question.

UPDATE  2/16: Locate writing and rhetoric in what I’ve been searching.
A new research question for me: How does a sports writer make sure their audience is reached and in what ways is this shown through their writing?
After reading and discussing Mirabeli’s article in class, it has taught me that in the restaurant business, a menu is the sole form of communication between the customer and waiter/waitress. IN sports writing, the article is the form of communication between the writer and the reader. How does the writer do this if they discuss an article about a game the reader didn’t see?


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